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Freight Market Update: May 10, 2021

May 25, 2021

A Sendy Freight Weekly Round-Up to keep you informed on all things freight and logistics in the region.

Uganda’s Customs and Freight Forwarders Get Specialized Training

Key stakeholders in the logistics sector have stepped up and introduced specialized training for personnel in Uganda. With an eye to reducing the cost of trade in the region, A programme to offer training to customs agents and freight forwarders to remain in line with the ever changing technologies and logistical needs. 

The training will enable customs agents and freight forwarders to have competitive and high quality end to end services.

A partnership has been formulated between Trademark East Africa,  Uganda Revenue Authority and Federation of East African Freight Forwarders Associations (FEAFFA) to support the initiative and it has been termed as Continuing Professional Development (CPD). 

Lamu Port to Receive Its First Marine Cargo

The newly commissioned port in Lamu has already hit a milestone as the port is set to receive it’s very first vessel, the ship will dock at Berth One. Operational systems including ICT systems and equipment are in place to ensure that the offloading of goods happens efficiently and smoothly. 

Kenya Revenue Authority has deployed officers to the port and they already have their systems in place to make sure that the clearance of goods happens as swiftly and professionally as possible.

Questions of evacuation of the goods have been addressed by the newly commissioned roads connecting the port to the rest of the country and region at large.

Stakeholders like the Kenya Association of Freight Forwarders, Kenya Transport Association as well as Maersk Shipping Lines, Lamu Shipping Ltd. and Express Shipping and Logistics Agency have thanked the Kenyan government for the great strides taken in progress.

Kenya Ports Authority Assures Uganda Efficient Cargo Clearance at Port

The Kenya Ports Authority has assured Uganda and the Transit Market of efficient service delivery on clearance of outbound cargo as long as necessary documentation is provided. A liaison office was established in Kampala to ensure the efficiency in service delivery for the importers and exporters in the country.

Over the years, Ugandan cargo at the port has registered an average growth of 4.9% from 6.53 million tonnes in 2016 to 7.7 million tonnes in 2020. Uganda is a major customer for the port, commanding 80.8% of the transit market share.

Notice of Verification of Containers Targeted by Kenya Revenue Authority

A notice to customers came out following government reforms under ease of doing business geared towards addressing bottlenecks of doing business in the country and reducing costs to importers and exporters.

Containers that are subjected to verification and non-compliant or mis-declared shall be charged full verification fees of USD 80 and USD 120 for 20ft and 40ft containers respectively.

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