BBC World News feature on Ai Kenya Cape 2 Nairo Datathon

Brian Korir
February 13, 2021

BBC News feature on the recently concluded #Cape2Nairo#Datathon that was held on 26th & 27th October at iHub Nairobi. We gathered over 80 data scientists and tech enthusiasts at iHub Nairobi for the #Cape2Nairo #Datathon. This was a 2 day data science and machine learning hackathon hosted on Zindi Africa that was focused on the Sendy Logitistics Challenge. A big thank you to all the organising team, mentors , sponsors and partners that made this happen. Congratulations to the 1st,2nd and 3rd team in Kenya and who took away $650 worth of prizes. This was truly an exciting and wholesome experience for everyone who took part. Looking forward to many more.