6 reasons why you need the Sendy Go delivery app

The Sendy Go app which entered into the market recently seeks to address all the issues to faced by customers ordering online

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Mountains, Wireframes and Building for Scale

User Experience (UX) Designer, Ancent Musee joins us in a tête-à-tête, as he shares about his life and work.

SendyGo. The App That Shops Just Like You Would

Sendy Go is a game changer and I’m here for it all! The convenience, the personal shopper that shops juts the way you do.

Sendy Women In Tech Feature - Shiro Theuri

Shiro Theuri takes us through what it means to be one of the few women in Tech.

We Celebrate The Independent Entrepreneur

The pandemic has dealt a big blow for a lot of businesses but we celebrate the strides made by entrepreneurs

Sendy launches a home delivery solution to help flatten the curve

Sendy has launched a home delivery solution in an effort to boost local traders during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Giving back- Sendy’s response to COVID

Sendy launched Sendy Go, to allow customers to purchase everyday household items from various stores & have them delivered.

Tuskys home delivery with Sendy

Tuskys home delivery by Sendy is growing fast and coming to a branch near you.

Sendy strikes deal allowing drivers to own Hino Trucks

Sendy has entered into a partnership deal with Hino Kenya, the commercial vehicle division of Toyota Kenya, and Tsusho Cap...

3 Ways to Make Your Supply Chain More Efficient

To stay ahead of competitors, it’s essential that supply chains dedicate time to innovate and optimize their efficiency.

We just launched Freight Containerized Orders

Containers are special. Each has a different container number, size, and weight so we created a new order flow for them.

Join Sendy Beta!

We want to make sure our apps are stable and working well for all users. To ensure this happens, we’re launching

The Art of Mobile DevOps

Dev-Ops, comes from two words development + operations.

Sendy Spotlight: Graphic Designer Valerie Keter

Focus on what you want, go for it and most of all, have a plan.

Why attend meetups and hackathons

I was never keen to attend any meetups or hackathons like those people in chat groups who never speak but read all messages.

3 reasons why logistics is the key to ACFTA’s success

Conversations have focused on eliminating tariffs but logistics is the biggest barrier to integrating African trade.

Sendy Algorithms Oversimplified

A boy travelling back to school needs some good company on the bus. So after taking his seat he puts his backpack on the...

6 steps to winning at E-commerce

There is a lot of exciting and promising news about the future of e-commerce in Kenya, as a result, the temptation to...

Partner open day 2019

We held our first ever Partner Open Day on Saturday 13th April bringing together hundreds of partners signed up on our pla...

Vehicle owners can now withdraw cash directly to M-Pesa

We have updated our platform to allow vehicle owners to withdraw money directly from the vehicle Sendy account through our...

Using actionable metrics to grow your e-commerce

Actionable metrics provide a scientific way of determining what exactly to change to get a better result.

Sendy: Balance for better

We got some of the women of the Sendy family so they could share their experiences working in a tech startup in East Afric...

Avoid the vanity metric trap this 2019

Not all data is born equal. With all the graphs and analytical tools available, one might be forgiven for getting carried...

Voice search and AI the future of e-commerce

With the growth of internet and mobile, it has become simpler for consumers to purchase goods at the touch of a button.

Use customer service to grow your business

Most companies today compete primarily on customer service. Research shows that 89 per cent of businesses in 2018 are...

Five useful tools to grow your eCommerce platform

There are a number of free tools you can use to improve your eCommerce platform.

Why everybody should take logistics seriously

Various World Bank estimates suggest that transportation costs increase consumer prices by up to 40 per cent.

Role of technology in making logistics seamless

A Trump presidency was unthinkable and fries tasted differently. Now almost everyone and their grandparents have smartphones.

Sendy creates delivery opportunities for drivers

Sendy CEO spoke to Financial Standard about his experiences in logistics.

4 reasons to get someone else to do your deliveries

Moving goods is almost a full-time job for SMEs. This is a challenge most small businesses have to deal with as they grow.

Sendy Customer Story – Nanjala

Sendy has been really good in terms of transportation, it is easy since everything is packed, I have labels, if you look...

Meet October’s Partner of the month: Henry Kesydany

When I joined Sendy, I joined with a hired bike! However, within four months I made enough to buy my own motorcycle. A little

Sendy Customer Story – Tulaa

We have partnered with Sendy to facilitate transportation from farmers to traders especially during harvest seasons.

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