Why this is important to us and you

At Sendy, we believe that Africa does better when everyone has room to grow and thrive. It is really important to us that you have an engaging, positive candidate experience and well informed journey throughout your conversation with us. In order to achieve this goal we have developed our candidate experience charter that clearly outlines our commitment to you. 

We will give you insights into our company culture, what we do and why, any additional information we know will be useful in setting context for the conversations you will have.

Our talent acquisition team leads all recruitment efforts across the world. We are part of the wider people & culture team and our objective is to find the best talent that will enable the business to make it easier to trade in Africa.

Our general principles and commitment


Informed decisions


We will post clear job descriptions and provide more information on our corporate & careers page.
We will treat you with respect and fairness.
We make inclusive hiring decisions aligned with our commitment of building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Shortlisting & interviews

What will your interview look like?

Initial screening call- This is a Google Meet call with the recruiter to shed more light on Sendy, the role and also get to know you.

Technical interview - Depending on the role, this could be a case study or coding exercise (we use Hacker Rank). The goal is to assess your technical ability for the role, and the depth and breadth of your knowledge in your role.

Meet with the department head/team members- This is a Google Meet  Call or physical session for you to learn more about the team and vice versa. 

Culture fit session -  This happens throughout your interaction with us. Where both you and us get to understand how you would fit in the role and organization and if the role speaks to your today and future needs.

What you can expect - Our panelists will inspire, challenge you and answer any questions you might have about the business.
We will provide you with information about who they are.We have adopted a consistent assessment process. For all interviews, we will do our best to give you at least a 48hr notice.
We will endeavor to provide you with actionable feedback post your interview, to help you work on areas of development and continue horning your strengths.

ALL our applicants will receive feedback at every recruitment stage. Typically no more than 2 weeks after your first interaction with us. Any questions will be answered within 48hrs.

Confidentiality & your feedback

We will protect your privacy and handle your data in accordance with the data protection guidelines.We are continuously improving our processes, this means that we will seek your feedback on your experience through a candidate satisfaction survey. We commit to listen and take action on your feedback.


Typically our onboarding is the first Monday of every month and lasts 5 days(we blend both remote and on-site sessions).
We will set you up for success by: 
- Setting up a meet and greet session/lunch with your Line Manage or the team you are joining.
- Ensuring you receive your pre-onboarding pack 1 week prior to joining Sendy. 
- Assigning you a peer buddy to handhold you and have regular check-ins.
- Visiting our fulfillment center and doing a delivery run.

Probation & confirmation

We aim to see you succeed in the role, for this reason, your probation objectives will be agreed with your line manager and documented, you will have check-ins every fortnight. Our probation period depends on the role, for some it will be 3 months while others will be 6 months.We will celebrate with you on your confirmation!