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1. How can I specify that an order is to be paid for on delivery?
- From the Sendy Fulfillment App, instruct that the order should be Payment on Delivery.
-Indicate whether we should collect the value of the goods only or value of goods and delivery fee.
2. How can I be sure that the payment will be made during delivery?
- The delivery personnel will ensure that the payment is made before handing over the product to the buyer. You will also be able to track the payment history on your end.
3. Can the rider collect cash and deposit it to my till/ Paybill directly?
- No, we only collect funds via MPESA currently, after which the money will be topped up to your wallet.
4. How do I withdraw the cash collected?
- On the App, navigate to the menu then go to wallet. Click on the withdrawal options, which can either be Mpesa or Bank.
5. Are there any charges for this service?
- There will be 1.9% payment fee charged for every successful delivery and a fixed withdrawal fee of Kes 80 for any withdrawal done.
6. Is this service available for all orders?
- The service is only available for orders within Nairobi metropolitan and next-day deliveries. This will not be supported under same-day and national deliveries.
7. Will I be able to monitor payments made by buyers in real-time?
- Yes, you shall be able to view any payments made by the buyers real time on the App.
8. How frequently will I be able to withdraw funds available in my account?
- You can withdraw as frequently as possible to either Mobile or Payment Transfer/Bank.
9. What are the benefits of my orders being paid through you?
- Tracking the status of your order on the App
- Trust & Safe payouts
- Convenience & accountability
In case of any further clarification feel free to contact us on
0709-779779/900 or
support@sendyit.com or chat via the Fulfillment App.

STEP 1: How do I create a Fulfilment account for my business?Creating a Fulfilment account requires a valid email address. Once you have downloaded the App from Playstore or App Store, and successfully installed it, click on Create an account, fill in the Business name, your email address and select the country you are based in. Once this part is completed, we send a verification code to your email address.

STEP 2: Enter the verification code shared via email.

In cases where you do not receive the OTP code on your email, try the following:Please check under your Spam mail. Try to resend the code after three minutes.If you still do not receive the code, reach out to Sendy Customer Care.
Once this is successfully verified, you will be prompted to key in your first and last name.

STEP 3: Add a valid phone number.

Then, provide your business information- the category under which your products fall. Agree to the Terms and conditions.

STEP 4: Finish and get started.

Should there be a need to change/ update your personal or business details on the App, follow the steps below:

i) Personal details- On the App, navigate to Account, open personal details then key in the new preferred details. Note that you are able to change the name and phone number only. It’s not possible to edit the email address as it’s the key primary identifier of each account and is used for validation purposes.

ii) Business details- On the App, navigate to Account, open business profile then key in the preferred details. Here you will be able to edit the business name, industry, physical address and social media page links.

STEP 1: How do I add my products to the App?
- For a first-time customer, you will initially be prompted to send products to Sendy.
- Click on add & send products to Sendy.

You will then add products to your catalog by entering general product details and adding variants to the product details. On this page, you will be required to upload a clear image, Name of the product, a Description, Price per unit, Unit of Measure (ml, l, gms, kgs) and Product options in case the product comes in different sizes and colors.

Should you prefer your own packaging, please add the details to your inventory together with the products.

STEP 2:What products can I add to the App?
Our Fulfillment service accommodates a wide range of products and these include:
- Electronic Accessories.
- Fashion Accessories.
- School Books.
- Packaged Food.
- Beauty.
- Kids & Baby Items.
- Sport & Fitness.Games.
- Clothes and shoes.

STEP 3:How do I remove the items I had initially uploaded on the App?
On the App, go to My Products.
- Select Manage my products.
- Click on the specific item you’d like to remove.
- At the bottom, select Archive this product.

You can always view the Archived product(s) by going to Account and then selecting archived products. From there, you can also unarchive the product and have it back on the inventory.

STEP 1: How do I place a pick-up/consignment request?
Below are the steps to follow to get your products sent to the Fulfillment Centre:
- Ensure all the products have been successfully added to the inventory.
- Click on send products to Sendy.
- Select the number of units you’d like to send.

You’ll then be prompted to review the added items and then proceed.

Include the pick-up location then add pick-up instructions, if any.

- Proceed to confirm the request.

When do I expect to have this pick up/consignment request picked?
The pickup requests are picked up within 24 hours.

STEP 2: How do I check the status of my pick up/consignment request?
- To track your order, select the tab labeled “Deliveries”.
- Select the “Fulfillment centre” option.
- The status of your order will be displayed enabling you to view the different statuses of your most recent orders.

Can I swap/ add/ remove some items from the consignment request?

It is not possible to edit a consignment request once it has been placed. The available option is to cancel the initial order and then place a new one.

Since my products are bulky, is there an option for me to specify that I need a bigger vehicle?
It is not possible to specify the vendor type desired for your load. However, you can add more details on the instructions section to guide us on the most suitable vehicle to allocate to your pick up/consignment request.

I earlier sent a consignment request to your Fulfillment Centre but the products are yet to reflect on the App, why?
This is because the Fulfillment Centre team has to do a quality check before uploading the products. Once this process is complete, you will be able to see the products. Things we look out for during this quality check include:
- Leakage.
- Damage.
- Breakage.
- Expiry.
- Missing items.
- Wrong/unclear product description.

If the products do not pass the inspection, we will contact you and organize a return or replacement.

How do I place a delivery request?
STEP 1: On the app, select Deliver to a customer on the Home page. This can also be accessed on the Deliveries tab then selecting Deliver to a customer.
STEP 2: Select the specific item you would like to send to your buyer.
STEP 3: Once you confirm the products are accurate, proceed to the next page.
STEP 4: Add the recipient’s details; their name, a valid phone number, and the delivery address.
STEP 5: Add delivery instructions, if any.
STEP 6: Proceed to place the order.
STEP 7: Note that once the delivery request has been successfully placed, the buyer will receive a text message with a tracking link.

How long does it take for the delivery to get to my buyer?
We operate with a next-day delivery model. The delivery requests are batched and dispatched the following day from 8.30 am.

I mistakenly keyed in the wrong details for the recipient, how do I adjust this?
The buyer can edit the delivery details on their end following the tracking link shared via SMS.

Do you do upcountry deliveries?
Yes. We are doing upcountry deliveries to the major towns in Kenya, see the list below:

Mt Kenya




Lower Western

Mai Mahiu

Upper Western



Homa Bay



Rift Valley

Ol Kalau

How do I cancel an order?
- Open the Deliveries tab on your App.
- Select the specific order.
- Select cancel.

Note that cancellations are allowed up to a certain point. Once the order has been batched ready for dispatch, you will not be able to cancel.

How many free deliveries do I get after signing up?
We offer 3 free deliveries after signing up. The charges will start applying after the 4th delivery.

What are the payment method options?
We have two payment options:
- Mpesa.
- Credit or debit card.
To add the payment options go to Account, open payment methods then add your preferred payment mode.

What are your charges?
Deliver to your customers for as little as Kshs 49/- including a fulfillment fee is 3-7%* of your order value. The delivery fee is FREE for orders with 10+ items.

How do I make payments for the successful delivery requests?
- We send an invoice of all successfully completed orders for the day at 7.30 pm.
- At 8 pm, there will be a Mpesa STK push prompting you to key in your Mpesa pin and the amount will be deducted from your Mpesa. You can settle the payment any time past 8 pm as the prompt will still be available on the App.
- For card payments, the amount will be automatically deducted every day at 8 pm.
- You can view your transaction history by going to Account and then opening transaction history.

I already made payment for yesterday’s deliveries but the App is still prompting me to pay, why is that?
This could be a technical issue. Please contact customer care and share the Mpesa payment confirmation.

How do I get an invoice?
The invoices are shared at 7.30 pm every day to the registered email.