What’s Customer Experience?

What’s Customer Experience?

April 8, 2022

Customer experience is everything to a business. You have to get it right. We’ll say it over and over again. A customer who’ll do business promotion for you is the best marketing money can buy. Ensuring your customers have a great customer experience is the only way to keep them loyal. It also gives them awesome things to say about your business to their friends and family. In a crowded market, it’s one sure way to ensure you stand out. 

What’s Customer Experience?

Throughout the buyer's journey, customers get an impression of your brand. This impacts how they view your brand and how they’ll interact with it. From the time customers come in contact with your brand to the time they’re happy customers, the interactions and experiences they have with your brand inform their opinion. 

Does your product performance blow customers' minds? Does customer support delight your customers? The internet has empowered today’s customers. They have so many options to choose from hence the reason you need to make a remarkable experience. 

No, we’re not talking about customer service. It’s only one aspect of customer experience. For instance, if a customer gets on the phone to urgently order a dress and they’re handled well by a friendly person, that’s great customer service. However, if the dress arrives in good time with a ‘thank you for shopping with us’ card, that’s great customer experience. 

Let’s look at how you can improve customer satisfaction and increase your bottom line. 

Best 3 Tips for a Great Customer Experience 

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Understanding your customer is a priority for any business that wants to be successful. Know your customers' needs and create an effective yet strategic way to meet their needs. Track their buyer behaviour and get to know who they are as a people. Connect and empathize with their problems and solve them. Customize their customer experience throughout the buyer's journey to match what they need. 

Come up with customer profiles and give each a name and personality. It’s a critical step to becoming customer-centric. This will help you create lifetime relationships with clients which in return will help you attract more clients by reaching out to similar audiences and referrals from loyal customers. 

Use data to anticipate your customer’s needs

A customer relationship management system helps you anticipate your customer's needs giving your company a great customer experience. Once you know what they need, provide it before they voice out their desire. Encourage open communications so as to keep collecting feedback from your clients and act on it.

Keep in mind that it’s not the products that win the customers but the problem you help them solve. So let your decisions be  based on providing solutions and you’ll have a great customer experience. 

If your customers need their deliveries ASAP, get a fulfillment partner. You’re running a business not trying to be a fulfillment expert. They know all about fulfilling your products as they work in those trenches daily. Partnering with a fulfillment service ensures delivery is seamless and your clients are satisfied. 

Involve everyone in customer service

Everyone in your business is the face of your brand and they should be in charge of customer service. From the cleaners to the business owners. Whoever comes across a client online or offline should give customers great service. When everyone is involved, they all get to know your customers pain points and work towards providing a solution. Make sure you highlight the importance of customer experience to your entire team. Ensure they all understand how they make the customers lives better and in return the business revenue. 

As a business owner, don’t waste the opportunity to give your clients a great customer experience. Customer expectations are increasing daily with the customers being more empowered. If you focus on customer experience, you’ll have higher customer loyalty, retention, and ultimately increased revenue. 

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Title: The bottleneck stopping you from scaling; customer experience.

Sub-Title: Create a culture that celebrates and measures quality services.

5 Sentences:

Today, we’ll be talking about 3 ultimate hacks to improve customer experience. 

Tricks to help you build a tribe of superfans for your business. 

Amplify your sales while connecting your customers with your brand creating even more raving clients.

We’ll help you find key touchpoints that will keep your customers singing to their friends and family about your brand. 

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