We want what you want

We want what you want

August 20, 2021
March 12, 2020

Economic prosperity, peace, good family and great work relationships are what we all desire. Countries that have more equality between women and men score highest in the Happiness Index. The more gender balanced a company is, the better it is for workers, and the company usually has a lower turnover. Gender equality is good for business, and it is also good for men.

When we speak about equality, what most men would say is, “It’s a woman’s thing” but it really is not. Here’s why: most modern men want a proper work life balance, they want to be involved in their children’s lives and their partners too, more often, they’d use the phrase “Help Out” or “Pitch In” when engaging in work-life balance with women when really it should be, radically, “SHARE”. When men and women share housework and childcare, children do well in school, have lower rates of absenteeism, and are less likely to be put on medication, all these are things that men and boys would also benefit from. When men and women share housework and childcare, wives are happier and healthier, they are less prone to depression, more likely to go to the gym(don’t all men like good looking women?), and the relationship has more marital satisfaction.

We have for the longest time been fighting against inequality, gender based violence, domestic violence, unequal pay, sexual harassment and the likes. It’s about time we raise our kids better, raise our boys not be afraid of vulnerability and our girls to be strong, ambitious, and that there’s more to life than marriage (not that marriage is a bad thing), we should teach our girls that they aren’t responsible for preventing men’s behaviour, and most of all, violence is not caused by alcohol, disobedient women, poor tempers, uncompleted chores but by the misguided masculinity we instill into our boys.

Both men and women want the same thing at the end of the day. We need men to show solidarity in the cause loudly and visibly because fighting together for equality and justice is the only way to build an equal society. Feminism for men too ❤