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Sendy triples employees in new growth strategy

Brian Korir
July 29, 2021
March 4, 2021

As Sendy looks to improve its product and grow its revenues, it also has increased the number of employees

Logistics platform Sendy has tripled employees in the second half of the year as it looks to improve its product and grow its revenues by the end of the year. This move is also in line with the company’s growth strategy. The recruitment efforts take Sendy from a total of 30 employees as recently as November 2018, to more than triple that size six months later, and seeks to meet the platform’s growing demand. Sendy anticipates for a steep rise in the number of businesses that will use the platform by the end of the year. 

Speaking in a statement, Mr. Meshack Alloys, CEO and Founder of Sendy expressed that this move propels the company into building a world class product that is able to meet the increasing demands of the growing logistics market in Kenya. 

“Sendy is growing at a fast pace. As a technology platform with a rapidly growing pool of customers and drivers, we are prompted to ramp up resources across departments, to ensure we build a product that meets the demands of all businesses in need of efficient logistics. And building a world class product is not merely about talent acquisition - it’s about getting the right talent to do the job.” Mr. Meshack Alloys, CEO Sendy, said. 

The company has hired employees in the product, engineering, human resource, marketing and sales departments, brought in to build the Sendy product, optimize processes, and help generate revenues. 

“With a technology platform like Sendy, we believe that the added personnel will help us serve our customers better. In line with the government’s Big Four agenda, we are also finding, and offering work to talented youth. Specifically, we are on the lookout for specialists in our areas of needs, and doing everything we can to t help bridge the unemployment gap.” Mr. Alloys added. 

Sendy has been in operation since 2014 and is formalizing the logistics sector by using technology to enable movement of goods from one point to the other. The company recently hired Mr. Victor Mwangi as its Commercial Director, whose role is to lead Sendy’s commercial activities at a time when the company is positioning itself to get more businesses both in Kenya, and other African countries.

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