Meet the team: Sharon Wangari

Meet the team: Sharon Wangari

August 20, 2021
November 6, 2019

Hi, I’m Sharon and I love dogs and pandas. When I tell people about my work, they are often surprised when I talk about the services Sendy offers outside bike deliveries.  Their reaction is similar to mine when I joined Sendy  It was such a pleasant surprise when I got to understand and appreciate the vastness of Sendy’s product portfolio. 

The incredible talent at Sendy makes every project a joy, and there’s such great synergy within my team, as well as across teams. There’s that fundamental recognition that we’re one piece of the puzzle and cross-collaboration + shared vision allows our teams to thrive.

Sendy has an ambitious vision that I enjoy being part of! The vision definitely helps in fueling my creativity and appetite for knowledge in my everyday work.


Senior UX Designer