Meet October’s Partner of the month: Henry Kesydany

Meet October’s Partner of the month: Henry Kesydany

August 20, 2021
August 23, 2019

I joined Sendy in September 2017. A friend of mine who was also a Rider Partner on Sendy referred me. He told me all I needed was a bike with a license and a log book and I could apply online. He told me what I needed and we went to the cyber cafe and completed the online signup. I got a text from Sendy 3 days later inviting me to a rider training.

That first month I did not make that much. I did not know my way around town too well so I spent a lot of time on a few orders. I kept calling clients asking for directions and wasted a lot of time. With time and experience, the money got better. Today, once I get an order, I don’t need to call the client. I know my way around pretty well. Once I see the location on the app I know exactly where to go. That way I can do a lot more orders.

Before I came to Sendy, I was employed. The needs of my family and I took up almost all my income when end month came. You end up with little or nothing for the rest of the month. I have two daughters and a wife. Sendy has really improved my life. Sendy pay’s riders weekly and some of the orders are cash. It makes it easier to fuel, pay my bills and save.

When I joined Sendy, I joined with a hired bike! However, within four months I made enough to buy my own motorcycle. A little later I bought a bike and hired my own rider. I added another and another. One of my riders even made enough to buy their own bike.

I want to buy a pickup eventually. It is my vision 2020.

The amount of work you get depends on the time you put in and your location. You can’t miss work on Sendy. You need to pick your location and time carefully. You can change locations depending on how business is on that day. I get to choose what time I start work. I don’t have pressure. I know what time I will get the most orders and work around that. I would tell riders to do as many orders as they can. They shouldn’t despise the smaller orders either.