How To Start A Successful Online Business

Sendy Fulfillment
July 29, 2021
August 19, 2022

With access to the internet, comes new opportunities. Gone are the days when we needed to move to the city and build a shop or rent one near a busy road for one to be called a businessman or businesswoman. Nowadays, you are just an internet device away from starting a successful business. Here are a few basic things that you need to get started. 

  1. A product

You cannot start a business without knowing what you want to sell. That is a sure path to failure. Start by identifying what product or service your market may be lacking and then look at how much demand for it there is. All this can be done online. Just search for the product, look at how many sellers are offering it and also how many people are searching for it. 

  1. Supplier

There are products that are scarce just by default. Maybe because they last longer, and so chances of repeat customers are low, reducing the number of manufacturers willing to invest in manufacturing them. Others can only be sourced overseas which brings with it other factors like taxation and how long it can take you to restock. Consider all these and maybe start with products whose sourcing and supply is either local or can easily be shipped in. 

  1. A social media presence

While a website is a good platform to have as you can control how it looks and the user experience, it costs money to build, maintain and market. You can start with simply selling your product on social media sites. To succeed at this, you would need a dedicated page on a social media site that you feel like your customers would be on. Photos and videos will go a long way, while detailed descriptions will reduce the amount of back and forth as potential customers ask for details. Take advantage of hashtags and comment with useful information on conversations related to your product.

  1. Find a way to deliver your goods

This too, can be done online! All you have to do is sign up for a fulfillment service like Sendy Fulfillment. This service will pick your goods, store them, package and ship them to your customer at one very convenient fee. This means that in theory, you could start an online shop, sell and become profitable without even having to rent or build a space for your goods.

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