How To Sell More Online

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July 29, 2021
November 7, 2022

Selling online is just the same as selling offline. The customer is still the same person you could have sold to if they physically walked into your shop. However, there are advantages that selling online gives you. You don’t have to incur the extra cost of storing your goods, especially if you use a fulfillment service like Sendy Fulfillment. 

You can also sell to a lot more people over a wider geographical area than you would stuck to a place or even walking or driving around. That doesn’t mean the sales come easy, not at all. Remember, it is still the same customer. For this reason, you need to understand a few tricks that will help you to be successful. 

1. Don’t offer too many choices

There is a misconception that offering more versions of the same product will give people options and capture as many sales as possible. That isn’t true, at least not most of the time. The prospective customer ends up being indecisive and you may suffer a loss of sales. 

To minimize this, try to offer fewer choices per category. If for example you sell shoes, picking out a few of the best ones per category e.g sneakers and flip flops, will make anyone reaching out be more certain about what they want. Breaking it up into independent categories will also help. E.g. displaying your shoes with the kind of outfit that goes with them. 

2. Make the checkout process as easy as possible

In the ecommerce world, the toughest part of the business is the checkout part. It’s not how many people visit the site, but how many end up exiting after having bought something. Complicating matters at the point of exit can make it harder for you to make a sale. In social commerce, make sure you have a clear plan on how you can deliver and how the customer can pay. 

Telling your customer that they need to organize for their own delivery for example, can cause them to move on to a seller with better options for delivery, e.g. someone using Sendy Fulfillment. 

3. Invest in better photos

Seeing is believing and while we are discouraged about this, we tend to judge a book by its cover when shopping online. Take better photos of your products, even if it means going to a professional for it. Cleaner photos add a touch of elegance and increase the perceived value and quality of your products. 

Invest a few shillings and time to attend a simple online photography class to understand how to take good photos. That small investment will end up paying well in the long run as people visit your page to look at your products and potentially convert into customers. 

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