How To Make The Most of Public Holidays For Your Online Business

Sendy Fulfillment
July 29, 2021
September 16, 2022

Most businesses don’t like public holidays that much. For ones with employed staff, it means paying them for time off, which can be considered an expense. For ones with physical shops, it means reduced traffic as people stay put at home to maximize on a bonus rest day. 

However, if you are an online business owner, there are ways to make the most of these seemingly slow days. 

1. Offer discounts

Some holidays come with a meaning. It could be religious, patriotic or just a cause that a large part of the population cares about. Giving out discounts to products that have a direct or close relation to the day being marked could convince people to spend a little more and add more significance to their special day. Make sure you share your discount details well in advance by posting on your social media channels and where applicable, sending out messages. This helps your target audience budget for it. 

2. Hop on to online trends

Most public holidays are normally accompanied by conversations online on their significance or relevance to the general population. These conversations could be on the historical significance of the day, cultural or if it’s a new one, what it means going forward. You don’t have to participate in these conversations if they seem controversial. However, if there is a neural angle to take, for example simply wishing people a wonderful holiday on an image and adding your logo to it and posting on your social media channels, the algorithms will include these in people’s social media feeds and increase your visibility. 

3. Shout about free delivery

A lot of people try to schedule deliveries around the time when they are physically present to receive them, preferably at home. Because Sendy Fulfillment does not charge the customer for delivery, telling them that their items can be delivered to them for free will definitely interest them. The beauty with this is that it will work for all businesses, not just those that have something to do with the day itself. So go ahead and try it, celebrate the public holiday like a smart business owner!