How Sendy Fulfillment Empowers Small Businesses Drive Profitability: A Case Study of GingerUp

How Sendy Fulfillment Empowers Small Businesses Drive Profitability: A Case Study of GingerUp

May 30, 2022
May 20, 2022

Meet GingerUp

GingerUp came into existence in her desire to satisfy her husband’s constant desire to take his morning pap with ginger granules which he buys from abroad. As it’s said, necessity is indeed the mother of invention. GingerUp has grown from a kitchen production ‘family and friends enjoyment drink’ to an industrial production used by multitudes as an immune booster and merriment savoring.  

It can be sipped gently, added in juice or wine, make ginger tea, make zesty cocktails when mixed with carbonated drinks, used as salad dressing, marinate chicken or fish, and many more uses. Currently, you’ll find GingerUp in ShopRite outlets and supermarkets in Lagos. You can also make your orders from Abuja, Ibadan, Ilorin, and all over Lagos. 

The Challenge GingerUp Faced

Having a 9-5 job, a family, and running a business doesn’t leave you time for a social life. Mrs. Ajibode had to sacrifice her weekends, public holidays and leave days to see that her business thrived. Well, it paid off. Customers loved GingerUp and GingerShots. More so at this time when everyone is looking for strong immune boosters. 

The only problem came in the delivery and fulfillment of orders. With her busy schedule, customer orders would delay for a week. She tried working with some delivery companies but things were no better. So, she went ahead and got their own okada with the hope of making timely deliveries to her clients. Unfortunately, the okada boys disappointed her by not even showing up to work when needed. 

With her 9-5 job and the challenge of fulfilling orders, she let the business take the back burner. She knew she wasn’t giving her clients the joy they deserved when they ordered her products but she felt like her hands were tied. 

In the midst of the madness, she was introduced to Sendy. After the struggle to fulfill her client's orders and make her customers happy, she decided to give it a shot. 

Ginger Up After Sendy

In Mrs. Bolatito Ajobode’s words, “Sendy is a game changer.”

The Results

Their production before Sendy was below 20%. When Sendy got into the picture, they produce on a daily basis. Production levels increased to 80%. She’s so pleased that she can now talk about a growth plan. Before Sendy, she had stopped giving the business her all but with Sendy, she’s seen the improvement in her business trajectory. 

She believes that in the next two years, GingerUp will be all over Africa and the world. From her lips, “GingerUp is a good quality product and Sendy can send it”

In Closing

From Bolatito Ajibode to all women considering running a business with a 9-5 job. 

“Just do it the way I did it and even improve on it. You have time, take 2 days in a week, out of 7 days. If you get these days, you have over 100 days in a year. Add this to your public holidays and leave, you’ll have the time to turn your business idea to reality.”

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