How to Grow your Online Sales

Sendy Fulfillment
July 29, 2021
June 3, 2022

It is often said, “increasing sales through online channels is a little like bowling a strike – it looks a lot easier than it actually is.” We agree, 💯! Increasing online sales is a primary goal for both small businesses and giants like Jumia. Luckily, there are numerous strategies you can implement right away and make more sales online. Here are some ideas to keep you on the right track.

Understand Your Audience and Prospects

When running a brick-and-mortar store, you get to have a conversation with your clients giving you a chance to find their likes and dislikes. Online stores, on the other hand, require you to take proactive steps to understand your customers. 

You can use your POS system, emails, phone calls, online surveys and questionnaires to find their location, gender, profession, income level, lifestyle, interests, etc. Use this information to create a buyer persona who is more likely to respond to messaging specially tailored to them. 

Nail your Value Proposition

Here is a painful truth. Customers hardly care about you and your company. They are more concerned about how your products /services make their lives better. Your value proposition should be the smack in the middle of all your communication. Why is your product relevant? What benefits does it offer? And why buy from you? 

Invest in Quality Product Images

Photos matter. Period. 

Showcase your products with high-quality images. Hire a pro if you can’t take enticing pictures yourself. Post more than one image of the product from different angles. Just a fun fact; according to research, well-presented food tastes better than a sloppy laid out meal. Think about that when posting pics. 

Simplify Customer Experience

Make it as easy as possible for customers to find what they’re looking for and buy it. Ask your friends and family to go through the entire buying process and get feedback on the areas they struggled with or didn’t like. Make the desired changes to streamline the process.

Focus on Customer Service

Make it easy for customers to contact you and be responsive. Customer service is one of the determining factors on whether customers will buy from you or not. Display your phone number, email and chat link.  Don’t forget to respond to questions on social media. You can also have an FAQ session to help your customers get answers right away. 

Outsource Order Fulfillment

One of the most difficult and time consuming parts of running an online business is making timely deliveries to customers. Instead of spending time printing labels, packaging, taping boxes and making deliveries, invest the time running your business. Lower shipping costs, extend your reach, increase shipping speed and customer satisfaction. 

Reduce Friction in the Checkout Process

Okay, your business takes credit card payments. What about MPESA, ApplePay, Visa? More payment options makes it possible for your prospects to give you money. Yes, it might be a hassle to have different modes of payment but it’s worth it. 

Show Off Customer Testimonials and Reviews

When it comes to online sales, customer reviews can make or break your business. Satisfied customers who gash about your products offer the most valuable weapon in your arsenal, testimonials and free marketing. Don’t be shy, ask happy clients to give you positive reviews. You need these trust signals to attract more clients. 

Be Honest in your Sales Copy

Your reputation depends on it. Honesty encourages your customers to keep trusting your brand. The consumer today has had it with marketing BS and they’d rally to ruin your business online. Be upfront and authentic about your product/service or risk losing credibility.

Give Paid Ads a Shot

If you’re not using Ads, be it Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, or Google Ads, you’re losing out on prospective customers. Ads not only increase your bottom line but increase your brand awareness, value and help build your reputation. 

There you go! Pick those that work best for your business and get to work.