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Containerised Cargo Dwell Time at Mombasa Port Improves in April-June Period

Containerised Cargo Dwell Time at Mombasa Port Improves in April-June Period

October 18, 2021
October 18, 2021
Container operations at the port of Mombasa. The cargo dwell time at the facility improved in the period running from April to June 2021. Photo: KPA.

The containerised cargo dwell time at the port of Mombasa improved in quarter two of this year but remained below the December 2022 set target, according to Northern Corridor Transport Observatory quarterly report.

An analysis by the agency shows that it took cargo an average of three days to be evacuated from the Port of Mombasa in the quarter ending June 2021.

“The registered performance shows a significant improvement when compared with previous years. However, this performance is still below the port charter target of 2.5 days’ dwell time and two days international benchmarking standards,” says the report released recently.

The report, which is backed by the Northern Corridor Transit and Transport Coordination Authority (NCTTCA) and Trade Mark East Africa, says lack of adequate personnel to operate equipment due to the Covid-19 regulations led to delays, hence increasing cargo dwell time.

When cargo arrives at the Port of Mombasa, it is unloaded, moved to the customs area, inspected, cleared and finally picked up. “These procedures take time, and their duration is uncertain as they contribute to delays and costs,” said the agency.

On the other hand, ship turnaround time improved significantly in the review period from 79 hours in April to 68 hours in June 2021 compared to the previous year’s corresponding quarter with the average performance falling within the target ship turnaround time of 75 hours.

The Ship turnaround time is measured from the time the vessel arrives at the Port area to the time it leaves.

The Mombasa Port and Northern Corridor Community Charter aims to attain a vessel turnaround time of 75 hours by December 2022. Globally, the ultimate goal is to achieve the 24 hours (1 day) ship turnaround global benchmark time.

Delay after customs release, which refers to the period it takes to evacuate the cargo from the port after customs officially release it, improved at the port of Mombasa in the review quarter. The port and Northern Corridor Community Charter have been set to achieve a target of 36 hours.

The improved performance comes in the wake of automating gate clearance procedures, dedicating special gates to Container Freight Stations (CFSs) that ensure 24-hour operations. The performance of this indicator for the quarter under review was within the set target of 36 hours.

Northern Corridor Transport Observatory is a monitoring tool that measures over 40 indicators of performance along the corridor.

The Observatory tracks these indicators using raw data collected from the stakeholders in all the member states.

This information provides a clearer picture of various indicators, enabling to identify the bottlenecks that need to be resolved to improve on the efficiency and sequentially improving in the trade and operations along the corridor