4 Types of Digital Campaigns You Should Run For Your Online Business

Sendy Fulfillment
July 29, 2021
September 23, 2022

To make the most of your digital marketing as an online business, you need a strategy. This will enable you to approach your actions with specific results in mind, while also making the most of your available resources, including your time. 

One of the most effective strategies is to run campaigns. Campaigns are organized efforts meant to promote your business. They can be either in print, on tv radio or any medium available to you that reaches a mass audience. In this case, we are looking at ones you can run digitally, and how they differ. 

1. Introductory or onboarding campaign

This is a type of digital campaign that you run immediately after someone has signed up for your service. It could be an email campaign, or even a WhatsApp message that asks whether the customer would be okay being contacted about offers. Regardless of the goal, it is the first communication you share, so make it count. 

2. Segment Campaign

A segment campaign is the type of campaign you send to specific groups within your list of contacts. These are based on their demographics, according to how you separate them. Some demographics that could be considered are location, age, gender etc. Whether you are announcing an offer that only applies to a specific group of people or a product that will only serve a particular need, a segmented campaign is what you need. The advantage of this is that it reduces chances of you spamming good contacts who may not be interested in a particular piece of communication.

3. Engagement Campaign

Having a list of contacts is like having a community. Communities only thrive when there is activity. An engagement campaign aims to keep your contacts active, without necessarily having them buy something. If they end up buying, that is okay, but that is a secondary goal at this point. A simple message wishing people a wonderful holiday period or sharing useful tips on how to make the most of your products can be considered an engagement campaign. Remember, out of sight out of mind. 

4. Re-engagement campaign

The difference between an engagement campaign and a re-engagement campaign is the audience ,or person receiving the message. In an engaging campaign, the audience is active and regularly looks at what you share with them. A re-engagement campaign on the other hand, has an audience that ignores you or forgot about you, although they have not unsubscribed or left your group. You run this campaign to excite them. This type of campaign also works best if you have segmented your audience.

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