We at Sendy look to empower our partners to earn a better living and that is why we would like to introduce you to Sendy SACCO where the partners are given a chance to save and get loans to support their development.


  • Must be a  member of the Sendy organization, membership is voluntary.
  • Be a person of a sound mind.
  • Be aged 18 years and hold a valid identity card
  • This is a partner retention initiative and also enables partners cultivate a saving culture

Duties of all Members

Every member will be required to pay a weekly contribution of not less than Ksh 200.

  • Members shall be required  to honor their weekly financial obligations
  • Every member, on being accepted for membership, shall notify the Group of his/her next of  kin and the next of kin shall be responsible for the debts and be entitled to the rights, privileges, Obligations, emoluments and dividends of the deceased member.

Cessation of Membership

Termination of membership may be due to:

  1. Death: incase of death next of kin(s) shall be entitled to all member funds
  2. Resignation: Any member wishing to terminate his/ her membership voluntarily shall do so by writing to Sendy.
  3. Permanent suspension from the Sendy platform

Savings and Borrowing

  1. Sendy finance team will make weekly deductions from the partners account. A partner can request to access their savings at any time.
  2. A partner can only borrow up-to 3 times their savings and must have guarantors whose savings match the loan amount. A guarantor must not have an existing loan.

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