We have partnered with Rescue.co to provide you with extra personal and cargo protection while you are in transit.

Rescue.co is an emergency response service that protects you in case of any medical or security emergencies such as: when you get into a road accident and get injured, when you fall seriously ill while on a ride, when you get stuck in an insecure area and you or the cargo are at risk or in case you are attacked or harassed while on a ride.

How does it work?

Call the emergency hotline  if you encounter any type of emergency. Whether you or the goods you transport are in danger; or should you need immediate medical help.

Who's covered?

If you were active on Sendy and serviced Sendy orders last month, you likely qualify for the upcoming month. You can reach out to our teams to inquire whether you're eligible, and how to qualify for next month if you don't. The eligibility list will be kept updated on a monthly basis. Our customer support team will contact partners monthly on their eligibility.

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