What is Etiquette ?

Etiquette refers to guidelines which control the way a responsible individual should behave in the society, refers to the conventions and norms of social behavior. They are accepted codes of conduct with respect to interpersonal communication

Need for Etiquette

  • Etiquette makes you a cultured individual who leaves his mark wherever he goes.
  • Etiquette teaches you the way to talk, walk and most importantly behave in the society.
  • Etiquette is essential for an everlasting first impression. The way you interact with your superiors, parents, fellow workers, friends speak a lot about your personality and up- bringing.
  • Etiquette enables the individuals to earn respect and appreciation in the society. No one would feel like talking to a person who does not know how to speak or behave in the society. Etiquette inculcates a feeling of trust and loyalty in the individuals. One becomes more responsible and mature. Etiquette helps individuals to value relationships.

. Some example forms of etiquette with respect to communicating with others might include:

  • Looking into someone's eyes as you talk with them
  • Not interrupting someone as they speak
  • Avoiding negative expressions and feelings, such as swearing or an angry tone
  • Not picking your nose as someone talks to you
  • Showing up on time to a meeting or a date
  • Being polite. For example, saying please and thank you as necessary
  • Shaking one's hand when meeting them or saying goodbye

There are plenty of other examples. But the importance of such interpersonal social norms cannot be overstated. That's because social conventions such as these help us show that we care for the person we are communicating with as well as their thoughts, feelings, and words.

So, etiquette exists to, in many ways, maintain proper social order and respect when there is no reason to do otherwise.

In Sendy, below are some of the scenarios illustrating how  to apply etiquette.


Instead of saying this……………….

You should say this………..

When kept for long

I am not going to wait any longer for you come for the package,

I am afraid that I am not in a position to wait longer as I have been here for the last 30 minutes, could you please send someone to pick the package on  your behalf


I have got your request, where are you?

Hello Mary, how are you doing today? My name is John, I am from Sendy,I just confirmed your order and would…………….

Requesting the client to sign for the delivery

You are required to sign after receiving your package

Madam, since you have received your package in shape, would you mind signing for me on the app please?...

Asking for payment for a  cash order

Give me the cash

“ Excuse me, I understand that this is a cash order, At what point I am getting paid?”

When asking for directions

Where is that building?

Hello,I am at Karuna close, next to a black gate on the left, kindly guide me from here


Personal  grooming is important for a positive self-image and every effort should be made to encourage and assist the partner to maintain a pleasing and attractive appearance

Dressing have an impact on self, colleagues and customers

What you wear convey the message that you are confident, presentable, ambitious and sincere

Some of the perceptions people can form solely from your appearance are:

  • Your Professionalism
  • Your level of sophistication
  • Your intelligence
  • Your credibility

Your look talks a lot about your organization, first impressions are made within the first 5 minutes of meeting someone.


Some of the grooming tips for Sendy Partners are:

  • Always  have a  clean, Sendy reflector ON all times when doing deliveries
  • No Sweat pants
  • No Open shoes

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