Sendy is venturing into a new market segment and is on-boarding new clients on its platform for food deliveries. This will require extra caution as food is highly perishable.

Customer expectations on their  food orders are:

  1. Fast and prompt delivery.
  2. Food should be delivered when still hot.
  3. Hygiene standards observed in food handling.

The following are guidelines  on how to handle and deliver food packages:

  1. Prompt pick up

On confirmation of a food order, proceed promptly to the pick up location. Arrival time should be within less than 15 minutes to avoid the food getting cold.

  1. Condition of the packaging

Upon arrival at the restaurant,confirm if the packaging is in good condition to ensure the food is intact. There shouldn’t be any leakages.Any sign of this should be reported to the client to be rectified before proceeding with the delivery.

  1. Hygiene best practices

(a) Clean the box/food bag everyday to maintain the quality of the food and ensure it does not pick up bad smells.

(b) Always use hand sanitizer  before  and after handling the food package.

(c) Always have your face mask at all times.

(d) Do not mix food delivery with other non-food items in the bag to avoid contamination.

  1. Use Delivery food bags

These help food to keep warm and fresh during delivery.

  1. Use the separators  in the food bag to:
  1. Separate the cold items from the hot ones
  2. Separate drink from food
  3. Keep drinks and food  upright
  1. Etiquette

Be polite to the client at the pick up location and the customer to whom the delivery is to be made. Further details on etiquette guidelines can be found here.

      7. Contact customer support in the following circumstances:

(a) If unable to proceed with the delivery while in transit for a back up to be provided.

(b) Food is tampered with while in transit.

The Sendy  partner will be held liable for any damage caused  due to negligence.

     8. Contact the restaurant/pick up location in the following circumstances

(a) Client rejects the food upon delivery.

Follow the instructions given on what to do with the food package.

(b) If unable to reach the client over the phone to complete the delivery.

A minimum of 3 attempts should be made to try and reach the client for delivery of their package. It is also important to wait for at least 15 minutes to allow the client to respond.

Below is an example of a text message to be sent to customers in case  he/she is unable to receive the order and it needs to be returned to the restaurant by the Sendy partner.

Hello Mary, My name is John, I am a rider from ( name of outlet) with your order. I am at the delivery location( …..) and I am unable to reach you via phone, I will have to reschedule your order for a later delivery time. Kindly call  (name of outlet & branch) contact (......) to find out the newly scheduled delivery time.

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