We have made big strides in improving service delivery since Sendy started in 2014. We continue working to grow the platform so that partners who depend on us can have consistent business and meet their financial goals.  In that time two things have always remained true. Great customer experience is at the heart of the growth of the platform. Organization is key to maintain high customer experience standards. We appreciate the effort and extra care you take to make customers happy. However, we also recognize that clear rules are necessary for the platform to work well for everyone. To remove any uncertainty as to what you should do to maintain a high standard of customer service, here are guidelines and their matching penalties.

  1. Servicing offline orders & forgetting to mark a waypoint

Never service an order offline. In the event of damages or loss of goods without an order number, the partner takes full liability and will pay for the same.

A partner will be charged KES 50 for every order serviced offline and when they forget to mark a waypoint

To avoid these penalties encourage the customer to place the order online so they can enjoy Goods in Transit insurance and online tracking for their order. Also ensure your phone is fully charged, have sufficient data bundles and always follow the instructions on the app.

In case of an error on the client’s side, the Sendy App allows you to mark the wrong destination which then allows you to enter details of the new location. Sendy is also in the process of offering sponsored Data from Safaricom meaning data bundles will not be required to use Sendy app.

  1. Reallocating 2 or more orders in a day

This gives our customers a poor experience and they may choose to stop using Sendy all together resulting in low orders and less business for you. You will be unable to access dispatch for 1 hour if you reallocate orders more than twice in a day. This period can be changed from time to time.

To avoid the penalty, ensure you read order details carefully before confirming the order and ensure your bike is in good mechanical condition to avoid breakdowns.

To help you with this, Sendy has increased the time allowed for you to read order details before confirmation from 7 seconds to 15 seconds.

  1. Delay in order pick up for more than 10 minutes

This also gives customers a poor experience and causes many to stop using Sendy all together. A partner will be blocked from dispatch for 1 hour. Sendy can change this period from time to time.

Once you have confirmed an order, always head directly to the pickup location to avoid any delays.

We make sure that orders are dispatched up to a maximum of 4 km radius so the pickup location is never too far away. However, orders confirmed on surge page will not attract this penalty due to long distance from the pick up point.

  1. Delay in order delivery - more than 10 minutes after expected ETA

Customers value integrity and expect deliveries to arrive when we say they’ll arrive. Our app shows them an Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) and they organize themselves based on this.

A partner will be charged KES 50 for every delivery that arrives more than 10 minutes after the ETA. Once you have picked items from the customer, prioritize heading to the drop off location. The App automatically calculates the expected delivery time depending on the order distance.

  1. Indicating that you have a box when you don’t

Integrity again is at the heart of great customer experience. Customers know what their deliveries need and we need to provide them with exactly what they ask for. We can’t stress enough how important it is for us to do what we say. Therefore, providing misleading information will result in permanent suspension from Sendy.

Please make sure you give the correct information when signing in. You can also get boxes on loan. Simply visit our partner support centre to make the request.

  1. Confirming to have access to CBD when you don’t

Giving misleading information about CBD access also opens you up to trouble with the law since you may be arrested for not having a license. This would ruin the customer’s experience as their order would be delayed possibly for hours.

Giving misleading information will result in permanent suspension from the Sendy platform. Give the correct information while signing in.

Sendy offers a free branding license that allows you access to the CBD. Visit our partner support centre for help with this.

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