AfyaPoa is a unique health-financing product that offers comprehensive health coverage for the whole family. The product is managed and distributed by Insurance for All (IFA) Insurance Agency Ltd. and underwritten by Sanlam Insurance Company Ltd.

The benefits at a glance


Covers cost of normal treatment including doctor costs, diagnostics and medication.

Kshs. 50,000/=


Covers costs admission including doctor costs, diagnostics, medication, ICU and HDU costs and surgery

Kshs. 200,000/=


Mainly covers the cost of child delivery including post and ante natal care

Kshs. 50,000/=


Covers outpatient dental procedures for the whole family

Kshs. 10,000/=


Cover offers a cash benefit to cover funeral expenses in case of the death of a named family member. Cover is on a first death basis.

Kshs. 50,000/=

Other unique benefits covered by the scheme

• Free wellness check-ups upon registration.

• Access to home visits and dial in consultations

• Chronic disease management

• Access to free nutrition advice

• Access to family planning services

• Technology – AfyaPoa app

• COVID 19 covered

Terms & Conditions


Sendy partners will be required to pay a daily premium for five working days per week.

Medical service providers

AfyaPoa has a wide panel of medical service providers where members can seek treatment. Members are restricted to getting medical services ONLY from these listed providers. A comprehensive list of the facilities is available on the Sendy website.


All Sendy Partners below the age of 70 years and their dependents who will include one spouse and children below 18years.


Although not mandatory, we encourage our members to have an NHIF card as it compliments your AfyaPoa medical benefit

Waiting period

The waiting period refers to the duration after registration (into the AfyaPoa scheme) in which the member is supposed to wait before accessing services or making a claim.

The waiting period will be as follows:

  • No waiting period for accidents.
  • 30 day waiting period for general illnesses and treatment.
  • 120 day waiting period for: non-accidental surgeries, elective gynecological and ENT admissions; admissions due to declared chronic or pre-existing illness; Funeral cover.
  • 9 month waiting period for maternity and first caesarian section.

How to signup?

  • Complete the application form here & agree to terms and conditions.
  • Provide a picture of your ID and your passport photo.
  • Sign consent to have premiums deducted from your daily earnings

How to make a claim

Medical benefits

Visit the nearest medical service provider listed as an AfyaPoa provider.

Present your AfyaPoa card, hospital staff will confirm validity and proceed with treatment.

Call the medical helpline in case you need any assistance

Funeral benefit

Complete the claim form and attach copies of the following:

  • Copy of ID or birth certificate for children (of the deceased)
  • Copy of the burial permit or death certificate
  • D copy of beneficiary
  • Police abstract for accidental deaths

What does AfyaPoa not cover?

  • Nutritional supplements unless prescribed as part of medical treatment
  • Treatment outside the appointed panel of service provider
  • Self-prescribed treatment/medication
  • Beauty & cosmetic treatment or surgery
  • Weight management treatments and drugs
  • Beauty & cosmetic treatment or surgery
  • Diagnostic equipment (e.g. Glucometers, BP machines etc.) and hearing aids
  • Treatment other than by registered medical practitioner
  • Intentional self-injury, drunkenness, drug addiction
  • Experimental treatment
  • Overseas treatment
  • Infertility/Impotence treatment
  • Naval, Military or Air force operations

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