Sendy partners with the SME Support Centre to offer logistics support for online businesses

September 5, 2022

Nairobi, Kenya 1st March 2022: Sendy, a tech company that builds fulfillment infrastructure for e-commerce and consumer brands has partnered with the SME Support Centre to offer logistics support to online traders.

The partnership will see Sendy leverage on its fulfillment infrastructure to offer online vendors a solution to enable them to effectively trade. Sendy’s fulfillment service is designed to offer end to end support for online retailers to grow their businesses and sell more. 

“We believe this partnership will unlock the potential of all online businesses to scale up their operations using Sendy. We are deliberate in democratizing logistics to the last mile. We want to enable the small online businesses to trade efficiently and effectively. Therefore our partnership with the SME Support Centre is part of our broader mission of empowering people and businesses by making it easier to trade" said Chris Nyaga, Sendy Fulfillment’s General Manager for East Africa.

The SME Support Centre aims to build fruitful relationships with various stakeholders in Africa so as to jointly provide innovative solutions which will ensure the growth and scale of SMEs in Africa.

“The challenge of logistics still compounds many businesses. Our partnership with Sendy will offer support to a number of businesses in the online space an end to end logistics and fulfillment platform that will enable them to trade easier and grow their operations. We will continue to work with players like Sendy who share a vision to scale up businesses and support trade and investments in the continent,” said Linda Onyango, CEO, SME Support Centre

Sendy’s Fulfillment solution is aimed at e-commerce and direct-to-consumer businesses that do not have storage or delivery systems. It is a digital-enabled platform that relieves online sellers of logistics difficulties while also insulating them from the high operational costs that come with logistics. 


About Sendy Ltd

Sendy is a tech company that builds fulfillment infrastructure for e-commerce and consumer brands. Thousands of companies of all sizes use Sendy’s platform and APIs to deliver goods to consumers and retailers. Their guiding philosophy is that people's lives in Africa will improve if trade is easier; and that the gap between seeing an opportunity and earning a living should be as small as possible. Sendy believes that the digital economy in Africa presents the biggest opportunity for young people to participate in the economy. As a result, Sendy continues to build solutions that empower individuals and businesses to trade more easily. Sendy was founded in Kenya and has since grown to Uganda, Cote d'Ivoire and Nigeria, with plans to expand into Northern and Southern Africa in the near future.

Sendy Supply and Sendy Fulfillment platforms can be downloaded from the Playstore and  Appstore. 

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About the SME Support Centre

SME Support Centre(SSC) is an aggregator of SMEs in Africa on one hand and a provider of various solutions and advisory services to the aggregated SMEs on the other hand. The focus of SSC is to ensure the growth and scale of SMEs in Africa by providing the necessary business advisory and mobilizing the investment capital required to support the growth of these companies. SSC is constantly innovating and developing many web-based platforms that ensure the SMEs in Africa are able to access information, skills, finance and markets

Our underlying philosophy is that SME solutions must be simple, localized and sustainable. SSC aims to achieve its vision by building long term partnerships with various players in the African ecosystem which includes financial institutions, governments and other like-minded private sector players. 

SMEs can access the services of the SSC by simply registering via

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