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Transport your loose or containerized cargo across East Africa using Sendy. Use our platform to access hundreds of trailers and transform your freight logistics.

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We built Sendy to move cargo conveniently. Get access to multiple transporters, when you need them at competitive prices.

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Access vetted transporters when and where you need them.

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Get help from our operations team 24/7.

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What they say

Clive Akello

"Sendy has helped us reduce our transport cost by at least 50%. [...] The biggest difference is reliability. [...] The fact that we have that constant visibility of the truck and our orders gives us peace of mind. If anything came up and we had a sudden need for an extra truck, requesting a plan B is so much easier with Sendy."

Neer Chandaria
Sales & Marketing Director

"One of the most important things was to be able to call on a vehicle when the need arises. [...] You can choose the size of the vehicle as well.
At peak season we no longer run out of Trucks. [...] We also don’t have to buy or maintain more Trucks.
Our customer service has improved."

Rebecca Andenyi
Property & Essential Services

"With the coming in of Sendy we had a considerable improvement in the efficiency of our deliveries.
We move documents and electronics between our offices, shops and customers.
The most important feature is the tracking because you can tell if it has been delivered and who received it."

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