Celebrating Gideon

A solid force at work - on top of the digital media hierarchy of genius - knew and was known by anyone worth knowing. calm under chaos - kind and very amiable.

Working from home, away from home

Working from home is the norm but working remotely is a first for Dennis as he shares his life in working remotely in Korea.

Mountains, Wireframes and Building for Scale

User Experience (UX) Designer, Ancent Musee joins us in a tête-à-tête, as he shares about his life and work.

Sendy Women In Tech Feature - Shiro Theuri

Shiro Theuri takes us through what it means to be one of the few women in Tech.

We want what you want

Economic prosperity, peace, good family and great work relationships are what we all desire.

Sendy Spotlight: Graphic Designer Valerie Keter

Focus on what you want, go for it and most of all, have a plan.