Delphine On Defying All Odds

Meet Delphine a Software Engineer from humble beginnings who has made it her mission to defy the odds by pursuing what matters to her the most.

Step into Chris’ world: Winner of Sendy’s Fitness Challenge

When people talk of stepping up to the challenge, Chris did it over 450,000 times for 3 weeks in the recently concluded Sendy Fitness Challenge that measured the total number of steps a person can walk for 3 weeks.

Celebrating Gideon

A solid force at work - on top of the digital media hierarchy of genius - knew and was known by anyone worth knowing. calm under chaos - kind and very amiable.

Working from home, away from home

Working from home is the norm but working remotely is a first for Dennis as he shares his life in working remotely in Korea.

Mountains, Wireframes and Building for Scale

User Experience (UX) Designer, Ancent Musee joins us in a tête-à-tête, as he shares about his life and work.

Sendy Women In Tech Feature - Shiro Theuri

Shiro Theuri takes us through what it means to be one of the few women in Tech.