Our goal is to make trading in Africa easier and more beneficial to more people.

About us

Since 2015, Sendy has been fuelled by a belief that trade should be easy. We are a leading African built platform, giving everyone access to an easier way to trade. This spirit of disruption drives each Sendyer, energized by the idea that we are shaping the future of African trade. It gives purpose to what we do every day.

Our foundation lies in problem solving. From the very beginning our founders set us on a path to help people find a better way to move things from point A to point B, a challenging endeavour. We started by delivering small packages on motorcycles and have grown to include vans, pickups, and trucks of all sizes. Today, we are helping thousands of businesses do more by providing end-to-end logistics solutions, financing and online marketplaces through technology.

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Our Mission

Empower people and businesses by making it easier to trade.

Our Vision

Power Africa’s growth by making it easier to trade.

Our strategic decisions

Overinvest in customer experience.
Create special moments for partners.
Deliver anything, anywhere.

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The Founding Team

Mesh Alloys

CEO & Founder

Malaika Judd

CFO & Co-founder

Evanson Biwott

Co-founder & Fellow

Don Okoth

VP. Sendy Supply & Co-founder

Our Journey


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Our Current Locations

  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Tanzania
  • Rwanda
  • Burundi
  • South Sudan
  • DR. Congo
  • Ivory Coast

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We are always looking for people with
the spark to shift the Africa technology
landscape for a generation.

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